About Us

The Company


We are a full service financial organization dedicated to providing progressive financing options for today's advanced business environment. Headquarters located in Chicago, the staff of US Finance, Inc.® has been providing quality financing for nearly 30 years. We work nationally to serve all of your financing needs with an ability to deliver global financing wherever the US can legally provide business assistance.


Let us show you how we differ from the rest of the financial community. It could be the difference between being incredibly successful or remaining unnoticed. We know the future of your company could depend on the options we provide you with today.


Our mission is simply to provide debt solutions, private equity and construction loans for real estate developers nationwide. US Finance also provides innovative equipment financing for virtually any industry.

Our Executives

  • Philip Bianca
    Chief Executive Officer

    Phil Bianca is CEO and President. With nearly 30 years experience relating to equipment financing, private equity, venture capital and real…

  • George S. Cary
    Chief Investment Officer

    Mr. Cary has 35 years entrepreneurial experience involving commercial and real estate finance, workout consulting, and business management. As the…

  • Jess Loren
    Vice President Client and Media Relations

    Jess Loren has been an enthusiastic participant as the digital age has unfolded into a global entity. Jess is considered…

  • Bill Rogala
    Director of Sales

    Bill returned from serving in the USNR during the Vietnam Era and took the opportunity to study Business Law. Bill…