Vendor Programs

Vendor Programs

Your Source for Leasing: the quick, easy, affordable path to equipment financing

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Show your customers how leasing can work for them.

Your source for leasing: the quick, easy, affordable path to equipment financing. Show your customers how leasing can work for them. Leasing provides real advantages to your customers - and that means real advantages to you.

  • Leasing requires much less upfront cash than conventional financing or cash purchases.
  • Leasing usually results in lower monthly payments than conventional financing. With lower payments, customers can afford higher quality equipment. Lines of credit remain untouched and are kept available for other uses.
  • Leasing includes payments for both equipment and soft costs like installation or hardware needed to get equipment up and running.
  • Lease payments are usually treated as an operating expense for tax purposes, reducing your customers' tax burden.
  • Leasing buys future equipment benefits with today's dollars and a fixed payment plan.
  • Leasing equals selling power for you.
  • Leasing offers substantial benefits for your customers - and for you. When your customers lease equipment, you get paid promptly, and in full. And, when you offer leasing options, you gain extra selling power.
  • Low lease payments allow customers to afford better quality equipment in greater quantity.
  • Lease customers are less concerned with discounted pricing.
  • Lease customers become potential repeat customers at the end of the lease term.
  • Leasing can be the deciding factor, especially for customers with limited options for financing. By offering leasing, you can solve their problems - and save the sale.
  • Leasing makes closing easier with no more than a phone call or written application to your leasing company to handle all the details. Your only job is to ensure that your customers get the equipment they need.

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Leasing provides real advantages to your customers - and that means real advantages to you.

Choose a partner who will make leasing work its hardest for you and provide these essential services you need to increase sales:

  • Variety
    US Finance, Inc. provides a wide assortment of leasing programs at competitive rates to satisfy the needs of all your customers.
  • Service to You
    We provide quick, accurate and consistent service in handling your customers' applications and in getting the funds into your hands.
  • Service to Your Customers
    Your customers' opinion of your leasing company reflects upon you. US Finance, Inc. provides prompt, courteous, professional and available service throughout the life of the lease agreement.
  • Flexibility
    The rules of conventional financing often fail to recognize a good credit risk. US Finance, Inc. looks at the entire picture, taking into account critical issues like business cycle and cash flow. We provide flexible options and do whatever it takes to make the lease agreement work and save the sale for you.
  • Marketing Support
    We deliver aggressive marketing programs - the kind that get the most additional business out of your leasing service, including point-of-sale materials and training for your sales staff.

Call today and learn how to close more sales, expand customer relationships and build profits.

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