Jess Loren has been an enthusiastic participant as the digital age has unfolded into a global entity. Jess is considered an “ever-growing web enthusiast.” Bringing a new breath to the financial world with her media and social experience, Jess was on Facebook from it's very beginnings. Jess witnessed the takeoff of social media first hand and understands it shows no signs of slowing especially within the financial arena while understanding the vast array of opportunities social media can offer any industry specifically within the financial sector. Jess’ excellence in client relations has helped her excel in her career in order for her to become an important ambassador for the US Finance team. Responsibilities include aiding our clients with corporate relations, media exposure and website design while communicating all facets of US Finance’s client and internal press opportunities.

Jess received her higher education from Indiana University Bloomington as well as Loyola University Chicago with studies in Advertising and Public Relations.

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